4 Most Common Causes of Water Leakages in Homes

Leaking water pipes are one of the common household plumbing problems, and long-term leakage pipe issues can cause a lot of plumbing trouble for homeowners and expensive repair fee. Water accumulation problems can even lead to mold growth and bacterial proliferation! Here are some of the most common household water leakage problems compiled, as well as water leakage risks that you may not be aware of, so that you can regularly check and prevent serious plumbing problems from occurring!

1. Leaky pipes under the sink
There are many water pipe connections under the sink. If they are tightened too tightly during installation, cracks may appear over time. Even if there are only very small cracks, water leakage problems can occur due to pressure and the need to get it repaired as soon as possible.


2. Toilet water inlet leakage
The toilet water inlet valve is usually located near the ground, and the cause of the leakage is usually due to the aging of the water inlet valve. The frequent use of the toilet requires the injection of saline water every time it is flushed, and the saline water can easily cause aging of the parts and water inlet valve.


3. Faucet leaking
Even if the faucet is tightened, water still flows out of the outlet? Or is there a leak at the switch of the faucet? Sometimes it may be due to the aging of the faucet parts, connection joint gaskets, or water pipe tapes being too old. Poor water quality may also cause problems. When impurities are mixed in the tap water, they will cause wear and tear on the faucet parts when passing through, or excessive force may damage the internal parts of the faucet, causing water leakage.


4. Washing machine leaky pipes
The water inlet pipe behind the washing machine is also a common household water leakage problem. Usually caused by vibration during the operation of the washing machine, causing the water inlet pipe connection joint to loosen or causing damage to the water inlet pipe due to the impact force of the vibration, resulting in water leakage problems.


In summary, leaky pipes and dripping faucets are relatively simple plumbing problems. As long as you regularly check and contact a plumbing handyman to repair as soon as possible, you can avoid the plumbing problem from becoming more serious and save on future expensive repair costs.