Papabo 4 Simple Steps to Rebuild Damaged Wooden Door

4 Simple Steps to Rebuild Damaged Wooden Door

If there is damage on the surface of the wooden door frame, such as cracks or dents, many people think they need to replace the entire door frame, which can be expensive. However, if the damage is not severe, you can try repairing the damaged area yourself before painting it. The following steps will teach you how to easily DIY repair a wooden door.

Common types of wooden door damage
To determine the method of repairing a wooden door, you first need to understand the extent of the damage. Wooden door damage is usually categorized into two types: surface damage and structural damage. Surface damage typically includes scratches or dents that affect the overall appearance of the door. Structural damage, on the other hand, involves cracks or significant dents that require multiple steps to repair properly.


The treatment methods for different degrees of door damage vary. Before renovating, it’s crucial to carefully assess the extent of the damage and choose the most suitable renovation method. Here are three common methods for renovating wooden doors:

1. Paint touch-up for surface damage
If the damage is minor, you can try covering it with paint. Before painting, you can use sandpaper to remove any wax residue on the surface, ensuring better paint adhesion.

2. Filling for structural damage
Repairing structural damage to a wooden door requires multiple steps. Start by filling the damaged area with poly-putty base to level out any holes or cracks. Then, sand the surface smooth before applying paint.

3. Refinishing the wax surface of the door
Compared to other types of paint, wax paint is easier to handle. It only requires two to three coats of paint to achieve the desired effect. Wax paint has excellent wear resistance and can provide protection to most wooden surfaces easily.

4-step DIY door renovation process

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the door
Inspect each area that needs repair and remove any surface dirt. Before starting, prepare newspapers or drop cloths on the floor to avoid a messy cleanup.

Step 2: Fill in structural dents
Fill the damaged areas with poly-putty base to level out any holes or cracks. Allow the poly-putty base to dry completely and then sand the surface until it is smooth.


Step 3: Apply primer paint
Follow the instructions on the primer paint can and apply a coat of primer. Once it’s dry, sand the primer layer lightly with fine sandpaper.

Step 4: Apply topcoat paint (enamel paint)
Pour the topcoat paint into a container and add an appropriate amount of turpentine according to the instructions. Mix it well and you’re ready to apply the paint. Brush the paint onto the door from top to bottom. Typically, enamel paint requires at least two coats to cover the original color of the door.


Renovating a small area of a wooden door or repairing minor damage can be done by following the above steps, even for beginners. However, if the renovation area is extensive or the damage is severe, DIY may not be so easy. Papabo, a one-stop home improvement platform, provides professional painters who can handle paint renovations and wooden door repairs. Each handyman on the platform is carefully verified by our professional team, and there’s a rating system to ensure the quality of their work. You may now just have peace of mind to find a trustworthy handyman to handle all your home repair requests. Download the Papabo app and get an instant quote now!