Papabo 4 Ways to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

4 Ways to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

After a tiring day out, it’s frustrating to have the broken key stuck inside the lock when you finally reach your doorstep. In such an annoying situation, it can be a panicking experience that leaves you unable to enter your home. If you find yourself encountering this frustrating scenario, how should you handle a broken key that is stuck inside the lock? This article will guide you through the possible causes of broken keyage and four ways that help you remove a broken key from the lock!

Why does a key unexpectedly break inside the lock?

There are three main reasons that cause broken keys inside the lock: excessive force while turning the lock, a worn-out lock causing misalignment and key jamming, or a key that has altered shape and gets stuck inside the lock.


What should you do if your broken keys are inside the lock?

In the unfortunate event of a broken key stuck inside the keyhole, remember to stay calm and avoid using random tools to extract it as this may further damage your lock. Don’t want to be locked out of your home? It’s time to take note of these four DIY solutions!

Solution 1:
If there is enough space between the key and the keyhole, you can try using a piece of wire bent into a hook shape and inserting it into the keyhole, gradually attempting to hook and remove the broken key.

Solution 2:
If the broken key has a protruding part, you can try using a utility knife or pliers to grip and pull it out. Additionally, you can apply WD-40 into the keyhole to reduce friction and prevent damage to the lock.

Solution 3:
For a cross-shaped lock, you may need a small electric drill to enlarge the keyhole. Then, insert a piece of AA glue connected to a wire into the keyhole and wait for the glue to completely dry and secure the broken key. Pull it out afterward.

Solution 4:
Using a small saw blade, insert it with the teeth facing upward into the keyhole. Carefully rotate the lock, allowing the teeth to catch onto the broken key and slowly pull it out.

If none of the above methods prove successful in retrieving the broken key, it’s time to seek professional locksmith assistance! Not sure where to find a trustworthy locksmith at nighttime? You can download the Papabo one-stop home improvement platform, available 24/7 to quickly connect you with professional locksmiths to resolve the issue promptly!