6 Feature Wall Ideas Brighten Up your Home

Do you feel that traditional paint and wallpaper for renovation is lack creativity? Do you want your home to look more stylish? Feature walls have become a popular essential element in interior design renovation for Hong Kong homeowners in recent years because of the wide range of choices and styles available. The feature wall effects produced by different materials can be very different, and they can help homeowners achieve their desired home style while also increasing the sense of space. Feature walls can easily create the home style you want, whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, or even the hallway. But with so many styles of feature walls available, which one is right for you? Let us suggest the six most common materials used for feature walls!

1. Cement Feature Wall
Cement walls are the first choice for homeowners who love industrial style. The original master craftsman used a mixture of cement and sand, along with color, to create cement feature walls that preserve the original appearance of the building, creating a primitive texture. Cement walls are usually only gray, but they can be used in homes with soft styles, not just industrial homes. Nowadays, to better suit home life, various substitutes for cement with a cement effect have emerged, such as cement boards/bricks, art paint, and ceramic tile putty.


2. Marble Feature Wall
Marble feature walls can add elegance and intellectual charm to a home. The most common colors for marble feature walls in recent years are gray-white, light pink, and light brown, which, coupled with a smooth surface, add a sense of luxury to the home that is both soft and stylish.


3. Glass Feature Wall
As a material that feels transparent, glass not only makes home design simple but also introduces natural light into the home, making all rooms brighter and more open. This visually expands the room’s position and greatly increases the sense of space, making the home more spacious. If you want your home to look bigger, a glass wall would be your best choice.


4. Wood Grain Strip Feature Wall
If you want a warm Japanese feeling, you can use wood as the wall material to create a home environment. To enhance the home style, consider choosing a wood grain strip feature wall that is both distinctive and simple.


5. Mosaic Feature Wall
If you feel that a single-colored wall is too monotonous, a mosaic feature wall is perfect for you, who loves freedom and a distinctive style. If you want to highlight the homeowner’s personality, you can choose an irregular mosaic feature wall. Because it is pieced together using an irregular method, it is even more unrestrained.


6. Plaster Paint
Ordinary paint for renovation may not satisfy your desire to make the entire space more stylish. You can consider the hot trend in recent years, which is plaster paint feature walls, which can create various three-dimensional patterns on the walls and belong to a special type of lacquer. As long as the painter receives basic training (usually provided by paint brands) and uses special tools, they can quickly get started, and even ordinary people can DIY.


When you’re considering what kind of feature wall to decorate your wall with, think about the effect you’re trying to achieve and how well it will be maintained. If you want to have a brand-new feeling in the whole house, you can introduce the feature wall that best suits your needs and matches the design of the house to the professional decorator.