6 Simple Tips to Lower Your AC Bills This Summer!

The weather has become hot and humid, and everyone can’t resist turning on the air conditioning. With the increasing demand for air conditioning, the electricity bills at home have also quietly started to change. Although using less air-conditioner can reduce cost, if you really need it, we have compiled the following ultimate tips to reduce cost from air-conditioner electricity bills for you, so that you can enjoy the coolness at home and reduce cost of air-conditioner this season.

1. Set the air-conditioner temperature to around 25 degrees Celsius
Although lower temperatures make the air-conditioner more comfortable, the temperature directly affects the electricity bill. It is best to set the temperature of the air-conditioner at home between 25-28 degrees Celsius, which can save up to 10% of electricity bills. If the air conditioning temperature is set too low, the air conditioning will work at high efficiency for a long time, which will affect the internal parts of the air conditioning and reduce its lifespan. Therefore, remember not to always set the air-conditioner temperature to the lowest.

2. Use a fan with the air-conditioner
Using a fan with the air-conditioner not only helps to blow the cold air to every corner and speed up the airflow to make the whole space cooler, but also consumes only 5-10% of the electricity used by the air-conditioner. Even if you adjust the air-conditioner temperature slightly higher, you can save up to a hundred dollars in electricity bills per month!

3. Adjust the air-conditioner temperature higher when sleeping and turn off the air-conditioner one hour before waking up
Many people are afraid of waking up hot in the middle of the night, so they will lower the air-conditioner temperature before going to bed. In fact, when asleep, the body temperature will decrease slightly, so there is no need for a too cold air-conditioner. If you have time, you can also consider setting the shutdown time one hour before waking up, because the room temperature should be maintained for a period of time, enough to keep you cool when you wake up and save a lot of electricity bills.

4. Regular maintenance of the air-conditioner
Keeping the air-conditioner in the best condition can reduce the additional cost of lowering the temperature due to blocked airflow. It is recommended to clean the air filter, intake and exhaust ports of the air-conditioner every two weeks, and find a professional to clean the air-conditioner and perform a comprehensive inspection every year to prevent blockage and affect efficiency.

5. Use an inverter air-conditioner
The Consumer Council has reported that among split-type air-conditioner, inverter air-conditioner (air-conditioner that can automatically adjust the frequency according to the indoor temperature) can reduce cost up to 40% of electricity bills compared to fixed-frequency air-conditioner throughout the year! The report mentioned that the air-conditioner with the highest electricity bill in the test was the fixed-frequency air conditioner (electricity bill was $809), while the air-conditioner with the lowest electricity bill was the inverter air-conditioner (electricity bill was $469), with electricity bills nearly twice as much and energy saving!

6. Avoid direct sunlight on the air-conditioner
If the air-conditioner is installed in a place where direct sunlight can shine, the body and surrounding temperature will rise, and the cooling efficiency of the entire air-conditioner will be reduced, affecting power consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to place the air-conditioner in a more ventilated location, avoid direct sunlight or be close to other heat source devices, to energy saving and extend the life of the air-conditioner.

With the above tips to reduce the cost of air-conditioner electricity bills, not only can you significantly reduce the cost of your air-conditioner this season, but also energy saving and keep your home cool this summer while ensuring that your air-conditioner has a long lifespan.