7 Modern Renovation Ideas for Your New Home

There are various styles of home design, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose a suitable design style for oneself. The most commonly heard styles are “modern” and “industrial,” but what other home design styles are popular among Hong Kong people? We have compiled the below seven of the most popular interior design styles, their features, and design elements to help you find the ideal home design!

1. Industrial Style
The stylish industrial style for home renovation has become one of the most popular interior design styles for many shops and homes. The industrial style tends to use rough materials such as vintage metal, welding points, or openly exposed structural components, combined with delicate details, creating a comfortable feeling of tranquility and mystery. The color tones used in industrial-style designs are usually black, white, and gray.


2. Modern Style Interior Design
The essential elements of modern style are black, white, and gray. Modern style mainly aims to bring out a sense of simplicity and introversion while also requiring strong functionality in home renovation. Therefore, in addition to having a simple appearance color, the design of the entire house also includes many secret storage functions, such as turning the storage cabinet into a press-type design or hiding all the cabinets in different furniture or integrating them with the wall to enhance the overall spatial sense of the house.


3. Nordic Modern Style
The two main features of Nordic style home design are simplicity and the use of wood, especially light-colored wood grain, which brings a simple and clean color temperature to the home. In addition, Nordic style design uses a lot of natural color tones such as wood, white, beige, and light-colored paint and furniture to enhance the simplicity and spatial sense of the entire house. If you like a clean and tidy interior design style, then Nordic modern style is very suitable for you!


4. Countryside Style
Urban countryside style is a new home design style that has emerged in recent years. Perhaps because city dwellers yearn for a simple life in the countryside, they hope to turn their homes into a comfortable and natural feeling! The main interior design feature of the countryside style is to use natural materials in the home renovation with full natural color tones, such as soft light brown and brown to create a strong sense of simplicity, and to use a lot of wood and stone to enhance the sense of nature.


5. Luxury Style
In addition to focusing on fashion and trendiness, the overall design of the luxury style needs to use a simple way to highlight the owner’s noble taste. It is necessary to add different gorgeous elements to the simple space, such as embedding metal decorative strips to break the monotony of the interior or adding marble to increase the sense of color hierarchy, making the whole house look very noble. The luxury style can be roughly divided into classical luxury and modern luxury, which is a combination of classical and modern styles!


6. Mediterranean Style
The Mediterranean style includes design elements from many different countries, including Rome and Greece. The overall design will have different curved shapes in home renovation, such as arches and horseshoe-shaped doors and windows, or adding mosaic features to highlight the exotic style.


7. Classical Style
The main feature of the classical style is to show off grandeur and majesty, just like the European royal family. In addition to being large and gorgeous in home renovation, the design lines and carvings need to be very exquisite, and the materials used in the decoration are also relatively precious. The handwork of seams or carvings in interior design is more complex than in other styles.