7 Tips to Note for Renovation in Hong Kong.

Renovating a house can be a hassle, but it’s worth the effort to turn your new home into your dream space! In recent years, more and more people have overlooked necessary procedures in home renovation in order to cut corners, leading to many problems such as shoddy workmanship and avoidance of responsibility for accidents by renovation professionals. How can you protect yourself and your family from losses as a customer? Check out these 7 important precautions for home renovation and ensure that the entire process is well-planned!

1. Choosing the right renovation company/professional handyman is crucial
Whether your home renovation turns out well or not depends on the quality of the renovation company/professional handyman you choose. When selecting a renovation company/professional handyman, it’s a good idea to ask for their past renovation project cases or look out for comments and reviews from their previous clients.

2. Every detail must be documented
Even if you are relying on family and friends to help with the renovation, all details in the documentation must be followed! Whether it’s the quotation, design drawings, material lists, renovation company and professional information, or any other decision related to your home renovation, everything must be documented clearly to avoid future disputes. You can also keep all relevant documents as evidence in case of any problems and demand compensation.


3. Request that the renovation company/professional handyman purchase insurance
Normally, any accidents that occur during home renovation can be held accountable by the responsible renovation company/professional. Insurance is generally divided into personal identity (contractor or professional handyman), limited liability company, and unlimited liability company. The responsibility of the unlimited liability company is “unlimited.” Regardless of the type of identity/company, homeowners should request that third-party insurance and handyman’s compensation insurance be purchased for each renovation project. Home renovation always involves some degree of risk, so don’t skimp on insurance to avoid significant losses.

4. Pay attention to installment payment arrangements
When reviewing the quotation, pay close attention to each item of expenditure and the final payment arrangement. Renovation companies often use installment payment plans, such as “4321” or “3331”. We recommend that you make the first payment a few days before the start of the renovation project, and it is best to hold it to 30% or less. The second payment should be made after the completion of the floor and tiling installation, and the third payment should be made after moving in the furniture. The final payment should be made after the final inspection to prevent the renovation company/professional from avoiding responsibility for any defects.

5. Be cautious when choosing materials personally
In addition to choosing a design style that suits your preferences, homeowners should do their homework in advance to determine which materials offer the best value for money and what approximate costs are involved, in order to reduce the chance of being deceived.

6. Regularly monitor the renovation progress
To ensure the quality of your home renovation, it is essential to discuss and clarify all renovation requirements and details with the renovation company/professional handyman before work begins, such as brick spacing or the size of each custom-made piece of furniture etc. Additionally, homeowners should regularly monitor the progress of the construction work and consult with the renovation professional as needed.

7. Conduct a detailed inspection upon completion
After completing the home renovation project, be sure to check every corner! Although there are already certain standards for inspection, it’s not necessary to demand perfection before accepting the work. Typically, minor imperfections in paint or walls may not reach a perfect 90-degree angle, but as long as there are no missing corners, it is acceptable. Professional renovation companies/professional handyman will usually inform you in advance or provide a reasonable explanation for any minor defects found at the time of inspection.

Home renovation involves many variables, but if you follow the above precautions and purchase insurance, you can create the most satisfactory and comfortable home.