Essential Maintenance For an Air Conditioning Unit

Air-conditioners require regular cleaning and maintenance to function efficiently and avoid issues. Some common problems that result from a lack of air-conditioner cleaning include freezing up components, poor cooling performance, excess noise, and high energy bills.

1. Dusty filters
The filters trap dust and debris to keep your air-conditioners clean because of that it is often get clogged over time. Dirty filters reduce airflow, decreasing cooling ability and raising costs. Replacing or cleaning filters once a month ensures optimal performance.

2. Built-up dust
Dust and grime can collect on air-conditioner coils and fans reducing airflow and heat transfer. You should contact a professional handyman for a proper cleaning service to power wash outdoor coils and clean or replace indoor filters/fans.

3. Mold and mildew
Excess moisture builds up inside the air-conditioner, promoting mold and mildew growth which produces poor air quality and damages components. Regular filter changes and coil cleaning help prevent this.

4. Freezing up components
When air-conditioners have poor airflow due to a buildup of dirt or debris, components like compressors, coils, and piping can freezing up, cracking pipes. It’s best to correct dirty air-conditioner issues before they cause permanent damage to components. Usually, a serious freezing up components problem would cost alot for the repair fee.

For high-performance cooling and lower costs, it’s essential to establish a routine of monthly cleaning, annual professional air-conditioner cleaning service, and regular maintenance. Many air-conditioner maintenance and repair services offer affordable cleaning service packages to keep your air-conditioner running efficiently.

In addition, regular air-conditioner maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your entire air-conditioner system, avoids unexpected emergency repairs or replacements, and provides peace of mind that you are operating energy efficiently.

Monthly cleaning, hiring professional air conditioners every year to clean the air-conditioner and regular air-conditioner inspections can not only extend the air-conditioner lifespan but can also save you a lot of electricity bills and avoid additional costs due to emergency repairs or replacements. There are many professional air-conditioner handyman on the market with the appropriate equipment, training and experience to thoroughly clean all parts of the air-conditioner, and also provide reasonably priced air-conditioner maintenance, repair and cleaning services.