Guide to Find Handyman in Hong Kong

Finding a great handyman may be tricky if you don’t know how to look for one in Hong Kong. Then, where do you even start? Here’s your ultimate guide that has everything you need to know.

What exactly does a handyman do?

Almost everything related to your house, including clogged drains, toilet leakage, tripped breaker circuits, air conditioning problems and more! A handyman is a skilled and experienced expert who can complete many home improvement jobs or repairs.

In Hong Kong, the difficulties usually are the fluctuating prices and the differences in a handyman’s quality.

Papabo – One-Stop Home Improvement Platform, is your go-to handyman for a wide range of home repair and improvement solutions. We have more than 2,300 verified handymen on our platform across 18-district.

What handyman services are mostly included?

Plumbing: Plumbing problems could be very messy. Among the items, a plumber can expertly help you tackle issues like leaky pipes, clogged drains, blocked toilets…etc. Furthermore, they can help you install and replace toilets, kitchens, bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, pipes, water lines..etc.

Air-conditioner: Apart from air filters and eliminating dust and dirt, there’s more to AC service to tackle common AC problems like no cool air flowingAC leaking water,  or AC weird smells…etc. You will need a professional handyman to handle different parts to ensure your AC runs well.

Electrical: A certified electrician can fix anything from a tripped breaker circuit to a dead power outlet.

Furniture installation: When moving to a new home, the struggle of everyone is probably furniture installation as it could be very time-consuming. A handyman is a perfect person to hire for this job.

Painting: Sometimes, all a room or a piece of furniture needs is a new coat of paint to freshen it up! A handyman can take care of it whether it’s an interior or outdoor paint job.

Windows: Windows helps bring natural light (fantastic for your health) and can breathe life into any room. An experienced handyman can take care of the installation and repair of windows as well as weatherproof them.

Apart from the above most common home repair categories, there are more home repair services that you could choose via Papabo App like toilet & kitchen water leak repair, wall mounting TV, hanging artwork, door lock repair & replacement, and wallpaper installation.

Where do I find a handyman service provider?

Word of mouth: It is a common way to start with. You can begin by asking a neighbor, landlord or your building security and seeing if anyone can recommend a good handyman service provider.

Pro: It’s one of the most time-saving methods.
Cons: You should remember that someone else’s standards or idea of what makes a good handyman may differ from yours.

Local handyman shop: You may also go browse around your neighborhood and see if there are any local handyman shops (Usually, the shop is named as “五金行”)

Pro: You may find the cheapest handyman service.
Cons: Without referral or knowing

Book via the online handyman platform: The easiest way to look for a handyman online.

Pro: This should be the cheapest & easiest access to a handyman.
Cons: You have yet to know how their past customers have felt about their service.

With Papabo App, every handyman on the platform has been rigorously certified in terms of qualifications by our professional team. It also has a rating system, allowing customers to rate handymen’s work, providing a deeper understanding of their quality.

What traps should you be aware of while looking for a home repair service?


The number of home repair complaints received by the Hong Kong Consumer Council and various online groups has also dramatically increased. Among them, there are six common traps in recent home repair complaints that you should know.

1. Aggressive online advertising
Advertisements that offer free inspections or low prices on the Internet attract consumers to make appointments. However, upon arrival, they claim to charge inspection fees or provide subpar repair services.

2. Quoting without a thorough inspection
Handymen quotes the lowest price without inspection to attract customers to confirm the job. However, the actual cost is much higher after the job is done.

3. Lack of relevant professional qualifications
Unlicensed handymen falsely claim they already have professional qualifications issued by the government to gain consumers’ trust and secure jobs.

4. Charging for unnecessary additional items or delaying the project
Handymen claim for unnecessary additional items during the repair process or deliberately delay the work to generate more income.

5. Requesting upfront payment and disappearing
Handymen sometimes request customers to prepay for materials or a deposit. However, the handyman vanishes on the scheduled home repair job date, leaving customers unable to recover the prepaid amount.

6. No compensation when they fail to complete the job
Handymen was unable to complete the repair project entrusted by the consumer and refused to compensate the consumer.

What to look for in a handyman service?

If you want to choose a good handyman, remember the essential qualities that a good handyman should have, so you can find a reliable one without any setbacks:

Before selecting a handyman, make sure they have the necessary licenses (e.g., plumbing, electrical, air conditioning) and proper certifications and relevant experience.

When it comes to having someone work in your home, it’s important to choose a trustworthy handyman. In addition to having the relevant qualifications, a good handyman should also possess professional ethics, such as being reliable, honest, and maintaining clear communication. Building trust is crucial.

It’s best to choose a licensed handyman who pays attention to details. They should have years of practical experience and be adept at ensuring thorough, safe, and standard-compliant work through meticulous attention to detail.

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to craftsmanship. We recommend asking licensed handymen for references and checking online reviews from other customers to ensure they are accredited in all aspects. A professional and reliable handyman will be happy to share their past work with you.

How do you know if a handyman respects your time? They will arrive on time and complete the work within the promised timeframe, ensuring high-quality results.

Papabo is committed to serving all our customers with professional, friendly, and reliable service. To ensure customers’ peace of mind throughout the home repair process, all handymen on our Papabo platform must submit their HKID and relevant licenses during their verification process. So, you know they will get the job done right and on time.

Besides, our customer service team prioritizes the customer service experience and wants to make the entire process as hassle-free as possible.




Finding a reliable home repair handyman takes work in Hong Kong. Papabo, a one-stop home improvement platform, empowers users to connect with over 2,300 verified handymen across 18-district. Each handyman must provide valid qualifications for relevant repair projects. The platform uses a real-name registration system to authenticate handymen, ensuring users are matched with qualified professionals. Papabo also has a dedicated customer service team to handle inquiries and follow up on complaints.