How to Buy Furniture from Taobao?

The furniture cost in Hong Kong is more on the expensive side. You won’t get many options when you look forward to decorating your house on a tight budget. But thanks to Taobao, now you can get whatever you want within a reasonable price range.

Taobao has a huge collection of stylish furniture at a reasonable price. But everything on this platform is in Chinese, so selecting a product and knowing the details is difficult when you can’t read Chinese! From searching for home items to shipping methods, we will share everything with you in this article!

Can I use Taobao if I can’t read Chinese?
It would be easier if you could read Chinese, but it is not essential. The easiest way to use Taobao is via Google Translate on your desktop to get a translation of the entire page you’re on. Once you finish the translation, you can easily read the details of the products, shipping info, and the customer’s feedback without any trouble.

How should I do a word search if I can’t write Chinese?
Word search is the most common method to find your ideal product. It’s more accurate if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

To make things even easier for you, here is a cheat sheet of keywords that will come in handy when furniture shopping on Taobao:

How do I know if something on Taobao is legitimate?
Is the seller a regular Taobao store or a Tmall store?
Tmall (天猫) refers to an official, verified store. These sellers are deemed to be more reliable.

Look out for “____ ​​人付款”
This refers to how many people have paid for the item.

Number of reviews
Look out for “评价”. This refers to the number of reviews.

Photo reviews
Look at reviews with photos under “视频 / 图片” for a better gauge of what the actual product looks like.

How to ship furniture from Taobao to Hong Kong?
If you’re shipping heavy and/or bulky items like furniture, you can pick intermediaries like SF Express for a worry-free experience. SF Express is an excellent alternative for its ease of navigation in English. Plus, can track your items if you have registered a user account.

Furthermore, if the order quantity is massive, Taobao also offers you a direct sea shipping service with Cainiao at a reasonable price.

What shipping method is eligible for your to choose?
When you click on the shipping methods aka 物流方式, plenty of options will show up. Let us tell you how to select the correct shipping method from the list.

  1. Direct Shipping (官方物流-直送)
    You will receive your product from Taobao’s China warehouse if you choose the direct shipping method. It is one of the most straightforward and popular methods.
  2. Consolidated Shipping (官方物流-集运)
    The consolidated shipping method is the cheapest option of all. It is also simpler than any other procedure because you don’t have to contact the seller. When the furniture arrives at the China warehouse, your products will be repacked for a fuss-free delivery.
  3. Seller’s Shipping (自行联系卖家寄送)
    You can also discuss with the seller about the shipping process. However, if you don’t know how to speak Mandarin, you can go for the other two methods.

How to pay and track your Taobao order?
At the check-out page, there are a few payment options for you. Once you choose a suitable payment method, you must fill in the required information like card details.
A few statuses are below after your purchase to track your order:

  1. Waiting for payment (待付款)
  2. Waiting for shipment (待发货)
  3. Waiting for delivery (待收货)
  4. The seller is waiting for your feedback (待评价)

What can I do if my ordered product is damaged from Taobao?
When you are unhappy with the product’s quality or don’t have the features promised on the website, you can contact the seller for a refund or replacement. You should contact Taobao’s customer service if the seller is not reasonable.

Happy shopping!

As we have covered everything about buying furniture from Taobao, you can easily pick your favorite products now!

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