Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler.

How to Stop My Air Conditioner From Leaking Water?

Air-conditioner is essential for cooling and comfort during the summer months. However, a leaking or water dripping air-conditioner   can lead to damage, high water bills and unpleasant surprises. There are a few possible reasons why your air-conditioner may be leaking water and some effective steps you can take to fix the issue.

1. Clogged or blocked drain
Condensation from the cooling process drains out of the air-conditioner through a drain pipe. If the drain pipe gets clogged with dirt, debris or mineral buildup over time, the water cannot drain properly and will start water dripping.
Dirty air conditioning unit full of dust dirt on coil
You may need to unclog or clear the drain pipe or install a drain filter. Using a liquid drain cleaner or having a handyman clear the drain is often required for preventing leaking water.


2. Crack or hole in the drain pan or pipe.
The drain pan collects condensate from the evaporator coils and leaks if it develops a crack or hole. DAMAGED DRAINS should be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage.

A professional handyman have the parts and skills required to seal leaks and replace components in your air-conditioner.


3. Low coolants levels
The coolant circulates through the cooling system, including the evaporator coils. If the coolant level drops significantly, it may not cover parts of the coils completely and lead to water dripping.

Have the refrigerant levels in your air-conditioner checked by a certified handyman and refilled to the proper level if needed.


4. Clogged filters
A dusty filter prevents efficient airflow and cooling, requiring the Air-conditioner to work harder. This can cause higher than normal water production and lead to water leaking.
Very dirty air conditioner filter

Replace your air-conditioner filters every 1-3 months is recommended for optimal performance and to avoid issues like leaks.


Catching a water-dripping air-conditioner early is critical to minimizing damage and high costs. If you want to prevent your air-conditioner from leaking water, here are some effective steps for your reference:

  • Clean or unclog the air-conditioner drains and drain pipe
  • Check and refill the refrigerant levels. 
  • Replace any damaged drain pan, pipe or overflow switch
  • Tighten or reseal any loose connections. 
  • Clean and replace ventilation grates and filters
  • Check & address any corrosion issues promptly. 
  • Perform regular maintenance and inspections.

Addressing the underlying cause of leaks will fix the issue completely and keep your air-conditioner running efficiently and reliably for longer. Be sure to get help from a licensed handyman to inspect your air-conditioner regularly, especially after initial install or major repairs.