PapaCare Has Partnered with Repairs Givers Providing Free Home Repairs to the Community in Need

PapaCare has officially partnered with Repairs Givers – a local non-profit organization that provides free home repairs and regular caring visits to vulnerable groups. Due to rising costs and limited aid, critical home repairs have become difficult for many underprivileged citizens. Those facing repairs they cannot afford can submit requests to Repairs Givers for support. We are honored to collaborate with such a meaningful project delivering care and support through direct action.

To kick off this partnership, PapaCare participated in Repairs Givers’s home visit day to the elderly living at Po Tat Estate in Sau Mau Ping today. More than twenty volunteers and staff joined this meaningful event. Here’s some event recap:

The society needs more courage to give back to the community in need. If you are interested in getting involved with PapaCare as a volunteer, email