PapaCare Team Joining Repairs Givers to Help Elderly Homes

PapaCare volunteer team was happy to join forces with our NGO partner – Repairs Givers to visit several elderly homes near our local community this week. This visit objective is to provide on-site inspections of elderly people’s homes to identify any repairs and maintenance needs that would improve their living conditions.


Our team of 10 volunteers set out early on Wednesday full of excitement for the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of seniors who may be struggling to keep up with home repairs and maintenance on their own. We split into groups and were assigned to visit different elderly homes. Upon arrival at each home, we introduced ourselves and warmly explained our mission from PapaCare. Every homeowner we met was overjoyed to receive the kind offer of help.


We thoroughly inspected each home from top to bottom, noting any issues that needed to be addressed like slippery bathroom floor, cracked lighting fixtures, and need to install a handle next to the bed. In one home, several ceilings is cracked due to humidity and needed to be fixed. We took detailed notes and photos that we will coordinate scheduling home repair service to complete the work free of charge.


Our volunteers left each home with hearts full of gratitude for being able to offer some peace of mind and security to seniors who had grown overwhelmed caring for their properties independently. The smiles and appreciation we received for simply showing up, listening, and offering to help repairs was payment enough. PapaCare team looks forward to joining Repairs Givers for future outreach opportunities that allow us to give back, have a positive impact, and spread kindness within our community.


Next time you’re glancing at your own home maintenance to-do list, spare a thought for the seniors in our neighborhoods who may struggle with similar tasks. The society needs more courage to give back to the community in need. If you are interested in getting involved with PapaCare as a volunteer, email