The 4 Most Common Household Problems in Summer

Summer brings rainwater to the earth and also brings various household problems! Besides the hot weather, Hong Kong summers are also characterized by high humidity, which can lead to different household maintenance issues. Here, we have summarized the four most common household problems in summer and simple DIY solutions for you!

1. Insufficient cooling from air conditioning
In the hot summer weather, if your air conditioning is not cooling enough, it may be due to dust and dirt accumulating in the air filter, obstructing the airflow. If cleaning the filter doesn’t solve the issue, we recommend contacting a professional air conditioning handyman for a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the insufficient cooling.

DIY solution:

  • Clean the air filter.


2. Mold and stains on walls
The humid weather in Hong Kong can result in mold growth on walls, causing headaches for many homeowners. Mold growth on walls not only affects the aesthetics of your home but can also have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, it is crucial to address the issue of mold and stains on walls promptly.

DIY solutions:

  • Use mold removal products for walls.
  • Apply waterproof paint on the walls.


3. Water stains on the floor
Sometimes, you may notice unexplained water stains on the floor, which could be caused by the air conditioning running in the unit below. The reasons for condensation are usually thin floor slabs, temperature differences, or high indoor humidity. Resolving this issue is not too difficult, and you can try some DIY methods!

DIY solutions:

  • Place mats or rugs on the floor to reduce direct contact with the air.
  • Use a dehumidifier regularly to lower the moisture level in the air.

4. Mold on wooden furniture
Humid weather often leads to mold growth on wooden furniture. If you encounter this problem, there’s no need to panic and discard your furniture. You can clean and treat the mold with a damp cloth and 75% alcohol, which acts as a disinfectant. Additionally, the reason for mold growth on wooden furniture is often insufficient paint thickness, allowing bacteria to thrive.

DIY solutions:

  • Clean and treat the mold with a damp cloth and 75% alcohol.
  • Apply a layer of paint to prevent mold growth.


In conclusion, after learning these self-help methods, when you encounter household maintenance problems caused by summer, you won’t feel overwhelmed. However, it’s important to evaluate and address each specific situation accordingly. If the problem is severe or you’re unsure how to handle it, remember to use Papabo, an all-in-one home maintenance platform, to find a professional home repair handyman!