The Hidden Crisis: When Home Repairs Become Unaffordable

Hong Kong’s affordable housing crisis has created a scarcity of decent, livable shelter for underprivileged residents and left many vulnerable to living in substandard conditions. At the same time, home repair costs have skyrocketed due to material and labour inflation. 


The high costs of home repair and maintenance pose severe financial hardship for those already struggling in poverty. Basic home repairs such as fixing leaky roofs, unstable foundations, damaged facilities or mold/pest infestations easily surpass monthly budgets in Hong Kong’s inflationary market. 

The total cost of home repairs in Hong Kong has increased year-by-year, while incomes remained largely stagnant. Materials and labor are significantly more expensive, with little government support to offset these costs for underprivileged groups.


As a result, the high home maintenance cost and lack of support forces them to continually suffer from poor living conditions.  As part of the community, it is essential for us to contribute to the underprivillaged group by delivering critical aid, essential maintenance/repair accessible to them.


If you know someone—whether an elderly neighbor, a disabled friend, or even yourself—in tough financial circumstances who needs critical home repairs, you can tell them the name of PapaCare to make their home problems feel less insurmountable.


PapaCare is our initiative to support the most vulnerable communities in Hong Kong, including elderly, disabled and lower-income households. By volunteering our staff, workers and handyman database, we aim to provide a greater quality of life for these communities in Hong Kong.