Cleaning Services

About Cleaning Services

Our platform provides a wide range of home repair services to match a qualified handyman. From air-conditioning repairs and inspections to water and electricity repairs to water leakage to plumbing connections to flooring to window repairs, Papabo's handyman could do more other home repair services, including drilling and hanging pictures, CCTV, and electrical maintenance etc. You can put in the home repair details while submitting the job request.

Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service

Cleaning your air-conditioner regularly can protect you & your family from allergies like asthma, eczema, bronchitis, and sneezing by removing bacteria, molds and dirt. Papabo provides a one-stop air-conditioner cleaning service through Papabo’s well-trained professional handyman.

Air-Conditioner Repairing Service

It’s time to find an expert if your air conditioning works weirdly or blows warm air. Papabo’s team has the expertise to determine the repairs you need instantly.