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 Papabo is a one-stop home repair and improvement platform. We are here to ensure peace of mind for customers during the entire home repair process. The handymen on Papabo are all verified by a professional team, so you know your home project is in good hands.

Yes, you can place a job request at any time. Our qualified handyman who provides 24-hour service, can be easily reached through Papabo app.

You don’t need to pay any fee for submitting a job request and there will be no limited quota on job request submission.

To ensure customers’ peace of mind throughout the home repair process, handymen from Papabo platform have their relevant licenses verified by our professional team so that you can trust them with your home projects.

 You can submit job request according to the following steps:

1. Download the Papabo app and choose a home service
Select the home repair service you need via Papabo app.

2. View the matching handyman’s information
After submitting the application, Papabo will match you with qualified handymen, and you can browse the detailed information about the handyman.

3. Get an instant quote
The handyman will contact you via call or in-app chat about the quotation and job details.

4. Confirm work
Choose the most suitable handyman to confirm your work. Remember to confirm the handyman’s identity. You can refuse the handyman to your home if you have any doubts.d

You may choose “More” and enter the details of the repair service you need.

 After submitting the job request, you will receive a push notification if a handyman wants to provide you with a quotation. At that time, you can view the handyman’s information in the Papabo app and contact the handyman for details.

You can click “Chat” under the handyman information to use the in-app chat function to contact the handyman or press “Phone” to call the handy directly.

If you cannot contact the handyman, please get in touch with our customer service team for assistance.

If you need to re-match a handyman, re-submit the job request.

It depends on the agreement between you and the handyman. Before appointing a site visit, please confirm with the handyman if any inspection fee will be charged.

Each handyman is registered with his real name, including personal information and related license registration, to ensure the authenticity of all handymen.

After completing the job request, you can rate and leave comments for the handyman. You can also contact us by email to support@ or WhatsApp 6355 2457 and provide relevant information so we can follow up for you. For a handyman with unacceptable quality of service, we will block their account and terminate all their right on the platform.

In case of emergencies or illegal incidents, be sure to get in touch with the police immediately to ensure your own interests and safety. To protect your interests, we recommend using the Papabo in-app chat function to contact the handyman, and our system will automatically save the relevant conversation records.

The Papabo customer service team will reply within one to two working days at the earliest after receiving the inquiry. The customer service office hours are: Monday to Friday: 09:30-18:30


As a one-stop home repair and improvement platform in Hong Kong, Papabo is committed to bringing more convenience and extra income to the local handyman by providing the most comprehensive repair matching platform service.

Our platform welcomes all types of home repair handymen, including air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical repair, furniture assembly, window repair, painting, waterproofing, locksmiths, and appliances.

There are about 500-700 job requests per month.

You can become the Papapro according to the following steps:

1. Download the “Papapro” App
Papapro App is now available on Apple AppStore and Google Play

2. Register and upload the required documents
After filling in the basic information, select your service category and service area. You will need to upload the required documents.

3. Verify account
After submitting the registration, we will need three to five working days to verify your application.

For each job request, the handyman must bid with Papa Coin. Each job request can only receive up to 3 quotes, and the first come, first served principle applies.

 Papa Coins is a token on the platform. The handyman must purchase Papa Coin to provide quotes and contact customers for job requests. The number of Papa Coins required for each job request depends on the value of the job.

Each Papa Coin is worth about HKD 1 (1 Papa coin = HKD 1), and bulk purchases can enjoy exclusive discounts.

You can purchase Papa Coin through the following method:

Bank transfer (only applicable to Hong Kong users)
You can purchase Papa Coin through bank transfer/FPS. Choose the quantity you want to purchase based on the price and transfer to the Papabo company bank account.

Bank: Hang Seng Bank
Account number: 369-480421-883
Account name: Papabo Limited
FPS account number: 101172989

After the transfer, please provide a valid payment slip screenshot with your Papapro account information (name and phone number) and WhatsApp to 5548 1904. After receiving your information, Papa Coin will be transferred to your Papapro account within approximately one working day.

Papa Coin cannot be resold, refunded, exchanged, or redeemed for cash or other products. Each Papa Coin or free Papa Coin has a usage period of 12 months, after which it will be automatically expired.

Free Papa Coins and the earliest expiring Papa Coin will be prioritized for a quotation.
The expiration date of coins will be displayed in your account.
Free Papa coins may be added to your account at no charge depending on promotional plans or activities.
All sold Papa Coin are non-refundable.
No refunds are available for quotations made with Papa Coin.

After joining the platform and your account being approved, you can start quoting on the same day. Handyman can bid for job requests according to their needs.

You can complete a job request on the same day after your account is approved, depending on the quotations and work arrangements provided by the handyman and customer.

 It depends on the arrangement between the handyman and the customer.

No, all quotations are communicated between the handyman and the customer based on the project’s requirements.

No. However, we recommend that the handyman and customer communicate through the Papabo in-app chat to facilitate record-keeping and protect themselves and their customers in case of disputes.

The platform generally does not intervene in the project itself. To protect handymen’s interests, we recommend using the Papabo chat room to communicate with customers. Our system will automatically save relevant conversation records to protect yourself and your customers in case of disputes.

If you encounter a dispute with a customer, you can contact us via email at support@ or WhatsApp at 5548 1904 and provide relevant information so that we can follow up with you. In case of emergencies or illegal events, be sure to get in touch with the police immediately to ensure your own interests and safety.

Each handyman is registered with their real name and can only bid for up to 10 projects per day to prevent quotation monopolization.

Each customer is registered with their real name and personal information to ensure the accuracy of the project requirements submitted.

How It Works

How It Works

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