Clogged drains are messy and disturbing! Imagine when you have a house full of guests over for a party, that is probably the last thing you want to happen. From our experience, hair, dust or food waste accumulated are the most common things to clog drains.  While you may not be able to stop the drain from clogging, there are precautionary methods to adopt before it’s too late! Here are 4 tips from Papabo professional team that help you keep your drains running freely.

1.Using sink/bathroom strainer

Using sink/bathroom strainer

A basic sink/shower strainer is an inexpensive way to capture any stray strands. It is a magnet for hair, dental floss and other unpleasant stuff and it’s good because it keeps all of that out of your drains. However, you will need to be aware if the waste has been built up for too long will cause the sink to drain slower. Most sink/bathroom strainer can be installed two ways. They can either be hooked into the pivot rod that lifts them, or simply put on top.

If you want to have a sink/bathroom strainer hooked in, you’ll have to unscrew the nut on the back of the tailpiece (under the sink) and pull out the pivot rod to release the pop-up. In this case, it is suggested to have a handyman to help you to install and give you instructions on removal for cleaning. In most cases, both hooked in or external cover  will work fine this way, and it decreases the possibility of clogged drain.

2.Good drain maintenance
Good drain maintenance

Keep a bottle of distilled white vinegar or baking soda in the bathroom and pour a little of one or both down the drain every so often, followed with a blast of hot water. Whether it’s hair, grease or food, some sort of organic matter causes most drain clogs and stink. Fortunately, there’s many ways that help to keep your drain in good condition to prevent stinks. It would be good for your drain if you do this once a month.

3. Clearing sink/bathroom strainer regularly
Clear sink/bathroom strainer regularlyHair and soap combine in your tub or shower drain to create clogs that could end up requiring a plumber to help you to remove. But you can avoid that problem by clearing the strainer regularly. When you notice that your sink is draining slowly, you should remove the waste and clean the drain cover as soon as possible. 

4. Avoid putting any food waste to sink
Avoid putting any food waste to sinkGrinding up food in a disposer and sending it down the drain is convenient, but it can clog drains. A better idea is to collect your food waste in a container and put it in the trash bin.  

If none of the above method works, you should contact us immediately for a clog fix!