Guide to Home Repairs and Handyman in Hong Kong

Finding a great handyman may be tricky if you don’t know how to look for one in a foreign country. Then, where do you even start? Here’s your ultimate guide that has everything you need to know.


What exactly does a handyman do?      

Almost everything related to your house! A handyman is a skilled and experienced expert who can complete many home improvement jobs or repairs.

In Hong Kong, the difficulties usually are the fluctuating prices and the differences in a handyman’s quality of training.

Our company, Papabo, is your go-to handyman for a wide range of home repair and improvement solutions. We have an in-house handyman team where all the local workers are highly skilled with 20+ years of industry experience.


What handyman services are mostly included?

Plumbing: Plumbing problems could be very messy. Among the items, a plumber can expertly help you install, repair, and replace toilets, kitchen, bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, pipes, water lines..etc.

Air-conditioner: Apart from air filters and eliminating dust and dirt, there’s more to AC service. You will need a professional handyman to handle different components to ensure your AC runs well.

Electrical: Certified electrical handyman can fix anything from circuit overloads to blown fuses.  

Furniture installation: The struggle of everyone’s existence is probably furniture installation as it could be very time-consuming when you have no clue about the instruction menu. A handyman is a perfect person to hire for this job.

Papabo offers all sorts of assembly services ranging from furniture to fixtures. With our exclusive installation offer with Taobao, you can instantly save on fees by purchasing installation services with a discount of up to 10% off! Find your furniture ​


Floor & Tiling: This includes any hard-wearing flooring made up of tiles where the gaps among tiles have been filled with grout.

Painting: Sometimes, all a room or a piece of furniture needs is a new coat of paint to freshen it up! Whether it’s an interior or outdoor paint job, a handyman can take care of it.

Windows: Windows help bring natural light (fantastic for your health) and can breathe life into any room. An experienced handyman can take care of the installation and repair of windows as well as weatherproof them.

Simple renovation: Renovating your home is exciting! If you are not up to the massive makeover of your house, a simple renovation by a handyman could also make your house look more beautiful and comfortable.


Aside from looks, choosing a trustworthy handyman service with a bilingual support team is most important. Hence, you should go for the best quality handyman service provider like Papabo.

We also provide a wide range of home repair jobs from toilet & kitchen water leak repair, wall mounting TV, hanging artwork, door lock repair & replacement, and wall paperwork.


Where do I find a handyman service provider?

Word of mouth: It is a common way to start with. You can begin by asking a neighbor, landlord or your building security and seeing if anyone can recommend a good handyman service provider. 

Pro: It’s one of the most time-saving methods.
Cons: You should remember that someone else’s standards or idea of what makes a good handyman may not be the same as yours.


Local handyman shop: You may also go browse around your neighbourhood and see if there are any local handyman shops (Usually the shop is named as “五金行”)

Pro: You may find the cheapest handyman service.
Cons: As most of the local workers are not familiar with English, the language barrier will create misunderstandings when you request for home repair/improvement for your home.


Search online: The easiest way to look for a handyman is to go online.

Googling handyman

Pro: This should be the easiest access to a handyman.
Cons: You have yet to learn what are their quality or how their past customers have felt about their service. 

Papabo’s app: Papabo has a page of dedicated reviews from our past customers. Confirm for yourself that you can expect the best quality service from us!


What to look for in a handyman service company?

As we said at the beginning, look for someone (or a company) that is friendly, responsive, with strong CS support and high-quality work. But the below qualities from a handyman are essential:


Reliability – This is the person or company you will be entrusting your very own place with, so you know this should be someone reputable you can rely on. Furthermore, the best case scenario would be having a CS team check up on your project.

Experience – A seasoned handyman will ensure that you get your home fixed as soon as possible with quality results.

Punctuality – If they don’t respect your time, how can you be sure they will respect your home?

Safety – Ensure the handyman or service provider is licensed and insured. If they provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees, you’ll know you’re dealing with a handyman service provider who is serious with their work.

Papabo is committed to serving all our customers with professional, friendly, and reliable service. With our bilingual support team, we prioritize the customer service experience and want to make the entire process as hassle-free as possible.

Quality service when dealing with our customers is as important to us as it is when dealing with our craft. We hire skillful workers with an average of 20 years of experience in the field, so you know they will get the job done right and on time.


Papabo brings you peace of mind

Always prioritize your peace of mind when finding the right handyman service provider. We hope this guide answers any questions about finding and hiring the right handyman service provider.

Papabo's handyman

If you have any other enquiry, feel free to call us at (852) 5282 9515 and get in touch with our team. We will answer all your questions and help schedule your next service with us.

It’s time to sit back and relax while we make you the star of your neighborhood!


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