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Why Choose Papabo?

Take control of your profession and earn extra income on-demand

Extra Income

Use Papabo App to find compatible jobs during your downtime

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Build your online reputation and get new customers looking for a Pro like you

Full Flexibility

Take orders based on your preference in time & location. Work as much as you like.

Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy bonus tokens for completing a certain amount of orders

Exclusive welcome offer

Hardware store discounts

How To Become A Pro?

1. Download the "Papabo Handyman" App

Papapro App is now available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

1. Download the "Papabo Handyman" App

Papapro App is now available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

2. Register and upload the required documents

After uploading your information, select your preferred service category and service area for getting jobs.

3. Verify account

After registering, please wait 3-5 business days to verify your application.

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Items You’ll Need to Become a Pro

Hong Kong ID Card

Hong Kong citizen or permanent resident


Valid and relevant licenses


Download the Papapro App and take orders

Got Questions?

Any enquiries and comments,
please contact our customer support at 6355 2457

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 10:30pm Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed


Our platform welcomes all types of home repair handymen, including air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical repair, furniture assembly, window repair, painting, waterproofing, locksmiths, and Appliances.

After joining the platform and having your account approved, you can start bidding for jobs and submitting your quotes same-day.