Why You Should Book a Handyman ASAP Before Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is one the most important festivals for Asians. In this tradition, some things should be done before Chinese New Year and one of them is getting all home faults fixed by Chinese New Year. 

However, some householders feel there is no need to book a handyman for the first week of the month. But why do many handyman service companies suggest that the sooner the maintenance is arranged the better before Chinese New Year? Here are the main reasons:


  • Shortage of handymen before Chinese New Year

Local handymen prefer to start their Chinese New Year a few days earlier than the public holiday, and there will be fewer available handymen in the market.

  • Lesser work days in Chinese New Year month

Some handymen will take an early Chinese New Year holiday and include the month’s weekends, the available work days will be reduced accordingly.

  • Easily become miscommunication 

Due to the urgency of each other’s affairs, both parties would like to get things done by Chinese New Year. Without good communication, there’s a chance to create an argument when the customer’s expectation is not fulfilled.

Tips for Hiring a Handyman Before Chinese New Year
Faced with the above problems that may occur, if you want to complete all home repair projects before the Chinese New Year, we recommend:

  1. Find a reliable handyman company 

Due to the Chinese New Year tradition, many families hope to complete all home repair projects before the Chinese New Year. A handyman company usually has multiple projects, so customers should choose a home repair company with a good track record and high stability. You can work closely with the handyman team or have a dedicated person follow up on every home repair project for you etc.


  1. Get a quotation as soon as possible

The later you arrange the home repair project, the riskier it is. Your favorite handyman company receives a high volume of home repair work before Chinese New Year, so that the service price might be affected.


Papabo offers free quotes, and a dedicated person will reply within 24 hours to provide you with the most professional one-stop home repair service. Request a free home repair quote immediately now.

  1. Confirm your home repair projects as soon as possible

As a handyman company not only has a single repair project request in hand during the peak season, they might not be able to arrange a handyman to your home on your requested date.


Time To Get Started 

If you need help, Papabo professional handyman team is ready to finish all your home projects by Chinese New Year. Whether it’s a leakage faucet, broken cabinet and damaged wallpaper, you can get started today by calling us at 5282 9515 or booking an appointment via WhatsApp.


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