Frequently Asked Questions

Why Papabo?

What is Papabo?

Papabo is Hong Kong’s leading Home Warranty Provider. We make property repair & maintenance easy for property owners by providing transparent fixed pricing, a customer-centric mobile app and a top-rated handyman service.

Why do I need a Papabo subscription?

Home repair and maintenance can often be sudden, expensive and inconvenient. With a Papabo subscription, you get the best of 3 worlds - handyman dispatch within 24 hours, transparent fixed pricing for unlimited repairs year-round at no extra cost and world-class reliability from our highly trained handymen.

Why would I choose Papabo instead of finding a service provider myself?

1. We hire, train & partner with handymen in-house to ensure a high standard of service.
2. We guarantee handyman dispatch within 24-hours for all repair claims made on Monday to Friday between 9AM - 4PM.
3. We provide unlimited repairs (electric, plumbing & air-conditioning) to our warranty holders year-round at no extra cost.
This is all accomplished with a simple click or call on the Papabo app!
At Papabo, we strive to be A Property Owner’s Best Friend, not just a service provider.

About Our On-Demand Service

What is a virtual assessment?

Instead of having one or multiple handymen over to your property in order to give a quote, we simplify the entire process by looking at your problem via a video consultation. This helps customers get quotes faster with less Covid risk, while also enabling our handyman team to be better equipped during their on-site visit (increasing the probability of completing the job within the first visit).

Do I need to use your virtual assessment feature if I prefer not to?

If you prefer not to use our virtual assessment feature, you can still contact and hire us by calling or messaging our customer hotline. The virtual assessment feature is just an option that helps streamline the entire repair process from quoting and diagnosing to dispatching a handyman and tracking the entire job digitally.

How do I start a virtual assessment session to get a quote?

It’s easy! to schedule your free video consultation at your convenience. Pick a time that suits you best and our team will contact you to provide further details.

How is the pricing determined for each project?

With our free virtual assessment feature, our specialists can diagnose your problem and provide a quote without an on-site visit. If you prefer, we can also have a handyman visit on-site to provide the quote.

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit card via your Papabo app, or by using traditional payment methods like cheque, bank transfer or FPS.

About The Warranty Subscription

What type of home repair does Papabo cover?

Our Papabo Home Warranty covers all electrical, plumbing & air-conditioning repairs that do not involve demolition. We include scaffolding services if a repair within our coverage requires it.

When can I start requesting repair services?

Papabo subscribers can submit a repair claim via the Papabo app after the 21-day cooling off waiting period. If you are not a subscriber, you can still contact Papabo for one-off repair services. Please contact us +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappfor more details.

What is a “Waiting Period”?

A “Waiting Period” is the interval of time following a warranty subscription purchase before the “unlimited repair” coverage is activated. The policy is to ensure customers are purchasing a warranty for year-round protection, rather than for last-minute repair services.

Papabo’s waiting period is 21 days. Any repair claim submitted before the waiting period is subject to a call-out fee.

What is a call-out fee?

A call-out fee is the cost of our services for one-off jobs outside our warranty coverage, or for services provided to non-warranty customers.

How often can I schedule service?

You enjoy unlimited claims with Papabo’s home warranty.

Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes. We are happy to arrange our handymen to repair pre-existing conditions following the 21-day waiting period upon subscription. If the fix is urgent within the cooling-off waiting period, we can provide immediate services with a supplementary call-out fee.

Do you offer any optional coverage that I can add to my plan?

We currently only offer unlimited coverage for air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing repairs (along with scaffolding if needed). Other services are provided at additional cost. Please contact us +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappfor more information.

Does Papabo cover maintenance work?

Yes, as long as it is within our electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning service category.

Can my plan be transferred if I sell my home?

Papabo’s home warranty can be transferred to a new property owner during the coverage period if you sell the property. However, the warranty cannot be transferred from one property to another. You must purchase a new home warranty subscription if you acquire a new property, even if you have an existing Papabo subscription plan. Please contact us +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappfor more details.

How do I cancel my Home Warranty subscription?

Home Warranty subscriptions have a minimum one-year contract. For cancellation, please call or message our customer support team at least 30 days before your contract period is over.

About Service Visits

How do I submit a repair request?

Simply submit your request through our mobile app. You can also contact our customer support team at +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappus

When will my repair take place?

All approved repair claims submitted between Monday to Friday 9AM-4PM will be attended to within 24-hours.

How do you select the handyman sent to my home?

Unlike other service providers, we do not source our handyman from 3rd-party platforms. All of our handymen are in-house employees or vetted partners (i.e. fully background checked, professionally trained, solid track record).

What if a problem cannot be fixed?

In some cases, it is more suitable to replace an item than it is to fix it. If a home warranty subscriber replaces a home system (eg. electrical, plumbing & air-conditioning) within our coverage, they will cover the full cost of the new product, but we will cover the labour cost of the installation. Please note that the removal and disposal of your old item will entail an additional fee. Please contact us at +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappfor more details.

Is there a limit to the number of breakdown incidents I can claim?

No, there is no limit of repair claims for our warranty subscribers. However, there will be extra charges for repeated rebooking and trash handling. Please contact us at +852 3790 2188 orWhatsappfor more details.

How do I know the exact terms and conditions of your home repair coverage?

Please clickhereto know more about our Terms & Conditions about our Home Warranty coverage. If you prefer to speak to us about a specific item, you may contact us via our live online inquiry, support email or customer service hotline. Our customer support team will be happy to assist.

Can I have an item repaired without contacting Papabo first?

Yes, you can choose to hire other service providers for repairs under our coverage. However, Papabo will not be responsible for any costs or labor associated with services outside of our direct management.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Our customer support team operates between Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 4PM.
To schedule a service during these hours, simply submit a repair claim on your Papabo mobile app or call our customer service hotline at +852 3790 2188.

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